Global Rebels

The Boys at our Global Rebels store on Melrose Ave. in LA. performing and hanging out with good friends Chris Harrison, Native Wayne Jobson and a wonderful artist named Billy Keane. DSC_2772 DSC_2786 DSC_2858 DSC_2949 copy

Davey Faragher

We are thrilled & excited to announce Davey Faragher, renowned bass guitarist joined us in the studio last week to play on our new album, “Affleck’s Place;  specifically on “Brian’s song”, the song is an homage to the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein who passed from this life way too young. Davey’s playing on this track is absolute perfection, we couldn’t be happier. Davey has played with such musicians as Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Dusty Springfield & David Crosby to name but a few.
Mick Rossi

“Dancing Angels”

Behind the Music -“Dancing Angels”-

Christopher Wicks wrote the Lyrics and Mick Rossi, to accompany the moving words, wrote the amazing rendition of music.
The original song was about the experience of dancing with some astounding women around the world, in some amazing places, (“in my fractured youth.”)
The lyric is infused with my feelings for my better half Lena, hence the verse that begins, WE TRY TO CATCH EACH OTHERS BREATH.
As with the rest of the album, “STORIES FROM A FRACTURED YOUTH,” is heart felt and meaningful, to the writers of the album as well as the listeners.
-Christopher Wicks-

“Schizophrenic Billy”

Behind the Music –  “Schizophrenic Billy,” was a close friend of lyric writer Christopher Wicks, his name is Billy Becket and he is in a mental ward in Manchester England. The lyric tells a true story of mental anguish and can be heard on our first album “Stories of a Fractured Youth.”

Soul Mate

My beautiful partner, Lena Hermansson has been the inspiration and love behind my musical endeavors. In fact, the song “Soul Mate,” was written (lyrically) for Lena and I dedicated it to her on our first album, “Stories from a Fractured Youth”.  -Chris-Chris and Lena


Unique Style

“Afflecks Palace” features world renowned iconic musicians such as Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) Billy Duffy (The Cult) Clem Burke (Blondie) & Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) who all bring their unique style & sounds to the record.


This past Saturday night we were honored to attend a Hollywood party to commemorate the late Bob Marley on what would have been his 69th Birthday. The Birthday celebration was thrown by one of our favorite vintage music stores, The Record Parlour, located at 6408 Selma in Hollywood, CA. The Record Parlour specializes in pre-digital entertainment and will be pressing the vinyl copies of our next album.The Record Parlour