He will be missed

As a young guitarist starting out into the great unknown, I was heavily influenced by the uniqueness of Lou Reed & his music; his songs were simple yet deeply profound & genius in their execution. Lou Reed is a true poet, Slaughter & The Dogs covered his song “Waiting For the Man” on our Do It Dog Style album. Lou meant a great deal to me and still does to this day. I had the privilege to call him my friend, he will be dearly missed. God Bless Lou. Mick Rossi xlou-reed

Afflecks Palace

The name of The Glorious’ new album is “Afflecks Palace.” The album’s namesake is a historic, five story building, located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and is home to many new and vintage clothing shops. The albums cover features one of the many pieces of mosaic artwork displayed outside of the notable structure. This iconic fashion and lifestyle building has played an important part in bringing musicians and fashion together for over 30 years. Global Rebels UK, owned by father/daughter duo Christopher and Tiffany Wicks, is one of the shops located on the first floor and is a prime example of how music and fashion converge to create the heart and soul of “Afflecks Palace.”