Scott Weiland on Music and Fashion

Scott Weiland has released his own clothing line through Christopher Wicks on line company, ( and is finding out first hand the correlation between writing a good song and designing a memorable wardrobe. “Making this line is like making an album,” explained Weiland the designer. “It’s going back and forth with different designs. It’s like you go back and forth with writing a song and producing a song. To see it finally come out to the point where we’re doing shows, it is very gratifying ‘cause it took a long time to get all the pieces together from all the shirts, which have a lot of detail and are all hand sewn and very fashionable, looking. Right down to the ties, to the patterns of the suits, the patterns of the vests. In a way, it was kind of like making a record. I think all art is basically the same process really.” His inspirations come from, well, himself. Asking the question “What would Scott wear?” the designs were born quite organically. “We go through swatches and swatches of fabric and I give them pieces of clothing that I like. Stuff from my wardrobe and we kind of work together on designing suits and ties that look like stuff that I would wear,” he said. “It’s all based on late ‘60s, early ‘70s sort of Savile Row but with a rock and roll edge. Kind of what the Stones or David Bowie would’ve worn.”


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